Daniela Reis
Daniela Reis - Pintora

Not the whole body is flesh, 205 x 150 cm, oil on canvas, Daniela Reis, 2020, in 6.ª Bienal Internacional de Arte de Espinho, Portugal.

Daniela Reis - My Work

My Work

My artistic practice revolves around the body as a vehicle for thinking about the relationship with the other, with myself, with space. In my work a portrait as a relation of duplicity and dis / trust with the real, the use of color is a subterfuge for pleasure and the “feminine” is as a place of happening, of questioning and of permanently changing.
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Book cover  "A Palavra Que Resta"

Solo Show - India International Center

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Portraits /
Commissioned work

Official portrait of the current President of the Portuguese Red Cross, Dr. Francisco George, on permanent display at the Portuguese Red Cross Palace, in Lisbon.


"Valentina", oil on pallet 

"Sunshine", oil on pallet

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