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“Êxodo. Parte I: Lição de Voo”, Daniela Reis, Janeiro 2022

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My artistic practice revolves around the body as a vehicle for thinking about the relationship with the other, with myself, with space. In my work a portrait as a relation of duplicity and distrust with the real, the use of color is a subterfuge for pleasure and the “feminine” is as a place of happening, of questioning and of permanently changing.
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Livro de Artista Daniela Reis

"O Silêncio e a Multidão" - Livro de Artista

Da Educação Feminina

Prémio de Artes Plásticas Guarda 2021

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A vida não pode esperar

Portraits /
Commissioned work

Official portrait of the current President of the Portuguese Red Cross, Dr. Francisco George, on permanent display at the Portuguese Red Cross Palace, in Lisbon.


Não é possível roubar a vida a um corpo nocturno

"A vida não pode esperar", acrylic on paper

"Não é possível roubar a vida a um corpo nocturno", oil on paper

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