Daniela Reis

Collab Daniela Reis + Wre3ad1ng D1git5

RE \ VERSO: elegiac e-poem

RE \ VERSO: e-poema elegíaco (2020-21) results from a collaboration between the collective wr3ad1ng d1g1t5 (Diogo Marques / João Santa Cruz) and the painter Daniela Reis during the first 40 days after Covid- 19 (March - April 2020).
Following a random logic, 40 verses and 40 pictorial fragments intertwine in order to provoke a self-reflective reading of the verse (s) and reverse (s) that characterize the confinement experience. Combined, image and text (re) reveal a dialogical path that, although necessarily entropic, is made of continuous renewal.


PostHuman ELO2121 Exhibitions  RE|VERSE  DANIELAREIS + wreading-digits.com

Acknowledgments: Ana Gago; Bruno Martins; Gabriel Pinto; Diana Simões; Ricardo Soares

Original text: "Poema Quarentena", by Diogo Marques (initially published in Projecto Arte em Quarentena [https://wreading-digits.com/art-in-quarantine/]
Translation: Diogo Marques
Original paintings: "Diário da Sanidade", by Daniela Reis [https://danielareis.pt/diario-da-sanidade/]
Music and Sound Programming: João Santa Cruz
Photographic capture of original paintings: Bruno Martins [https://brunomartins.pt]

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